Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jarom's Eagle Scout Court of Honor

YAHOO!! He is finally, officially DONE! No one could be happier than Jarom and this is partly due to the mere fact that now he has his old man off his back :) We are so proud of Jarom and his diligence and hard work.
One of my favorite things about Jarom is his compassion & that he is attentive to others feelings. He's going to be like Ammon someday ... a mighty missionary he will be!

We were so glad to have G-Ma & G-Pa, Aunt Stephanie, Nana & Papa & Marcie with us for the big event! Steph helped Jarom write some brilliant thoughts that he read during the presentation. It freaks me out hearing Jarom speak sometimes, low & monotone like Regan, you have to be paying attention or you'll miss their wit & subtle humor!

Jarom was given a framed picture of an Eagle as well as a gift certificate for 1# of See's Candy compliments of Bro Rogers-a personal gift he gives the boys in our ward who earn their Eagle Scout. Bro Layton was his mentor but he was out of town :(
In the pics below that super cool wood carved "scout" bolo tie was hand carved, with love, by Wayne Layton. Jarom would NOT have his Eagle at 14 yrs old without the dedication of Bro Layton to our ward's scouting program. He has had many wonderful leaders...his favorites are Brothers Shipley, Bingham, Welker & Layton.

I think Moms of Eagle scouts should be allowed to get in that Eagle's Nest ;)
I really want to get in the nest.



The Martins said...

Congrats to Mads and Jarom! They are having some exciting "grown-up" stuff goin' on! BTW next time go into posts, edit posts, and you should be able to enter in the text. Love you guys!

codiasus said...

congrats Jarom! You are the man!