Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dancing Queen

Courtney was UHmazing in her dance show in May!! Soon I am going to make the long journey to Costco ;) and see if I can get my video of two of her dances uploaded to DVD and try to figure how to post them. Sounds like someone needs a better digital camcorder don't ya think? are some pics of the show. She is growing so much at SCC, has wonderful teachers and she just gets better and better (if that's possible ;)) When I was young and snotty, I didn't appreciate modern dance which was the type of dancer my mom was. Ya that's right. My mom was a professional modern dancer and I didn't get it or like it! I still struggle with some pieces haha Boy, art can be funky but for the most part...if I can come up with a story...I really do like modern now and would kill to time travel and watch my mom dance. So, we live through Courtney now and it's a good thing, cuz when she dances you can't take your eyes off her!

The leg that's straight up...that's Courtney

Courtney & Jen...her mentor and beloved teacher

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Myk said...

I would love to see the vids!