Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Graduate #2

Madisen is a high school graduate. Unbelievable. Not that it is unbelievable she graduated, but simply I can not believe we have two children who have graduated from high school. Madds had a great run and certainly enjoyed HS to the fullest. She reminds me of HSM 1, 2 & 3 without Zach Efron. She did everything she possibly could making her super busy with no time to clean her room but she did it right. She was always in check with the fact that this is only 4 yrs of her life, & since important and meaningful things are still to come - it is a high schooler's job to just have fun without life altering mistakes, grow & gain knowledge!!

Keep your nose clean and enjoy the ride!! It'll never be this easy baby so if life sends you a wave, get on your surfboard and ride it all the way in!!

Grandma & Grandpa came in May for Madisen's graduation and Jarom's Eagle court of honor. Unfortunately Grandma wasn't feeling well after a busy, tiring day and couldn't come at night but she was definitely there in spirit!!

Papa had a rough day too so Regan to the rescue with a motorized scooter!!

Cousins being CRAZY!! Love these girls

My wonderful neighbor/flight attendant brought Maddi back a flower lei from Maui...I always wanted to do like the Hawaiians do with flower leis at graduation. In our rush to leave, I left it in the fridge at home :( I was soo sad, sorry Madds.

She also of course, graduated from seminary! Yahoo! Here's the gang representing Bellair War. What a bunch and all grrrEAT kids!!

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