Monday, October 4, 2010

Homecoming 2010

Jarom's first Homecoming...turned out great (ok he pretty much skipped all the festivities his freshman this is his first real Homecoming experience!) Jarom and Duncan were ever so spirited-twice...WOOT! Dressed up for Nerd Day and BLUED-OUT for the game!
Duncan, Miranda (one of my Laurels) & BigDaddyJ
The infamous Duncan and his cohort in crime...BigDaddyJ
J-Town and Madeline

Maddi was home for the weekend and we managed to blindly match the perfect, complimentary shirt to Madeline's dress :) We are that good folks. Madeline's BFF Alex came along with her, Jarom and the group...everyone had fun and looked great!

For the big date, he and friends organized a group...his good buddy Duncan's mom and sister offered to save the gang some cash and decorated their patio Italian style, served salad, breadsticks and lasagne so they all got to be together without the mean waitresses who HATE the groups of teenagers. I love this because the restraunts really are too expensive anyway and the kids don't get good service since well, let's face it...teenagers don't tip well and are loud. That means an angry server even before they sit down.
Preston, Andrew, Jarom, Seth and any of them look like big tippers?
Thanks Lori and Cami! It looked fabulous and the kids loved it!!

Look at those 3 on the end...Jarom, Seth and Duncan. Fine Priests in the Bellair Ward. Do you remember the conference talk "I love Loud Boys"? Read it, see picture'll mean more to you. Look at you think they can sit together quietly?
Look at those faces. No they can not.

Getting a boy off to homecoming was wildly simpler than GIRLS!!! Don't grow up Mikki :) I'm getting spoiled!


Franklin Times said...

Looks like a success! He is one handsome kid.
I agree~ boys are way easier to send off on dances.
Your tie/shirt/dress match was PERFECT!!

Cherise said...

What a good lookin' ladies man!

Stephanie said...

Fly me to the moon! Jarom you were a young ladies dream date. Good work on the Italian meal deal, I love making things affordable and down to earth.Thanks for sharing.xo

Amy said...

Looking good! Sounds like a fun homecoming! Jarom's talk on Sunday was SO good. Seriously.

cfm said...

I still can't believe Big J is old enough to date!! ...he looks like quite the stallion and I am glad he is living up High School! We miss you guys!