Monday, September 27, 2010


Jarom has been busy. First...his summer job was saving lives and looking cool as a lifeguard at Wet 'n Wild.

This was a grueling job which also required a 6ml bike ride to work...and yes, 6ml bike ride home. Poor little fella :/ He was a trooper and did not complain and was HOT!! He always left in plenty of time, never called off with some lame teenage excuse, he did save some lives, schooled a few punks and called security. se-CUR-ity, SE-cur-ity...this man's got to go! One 6yr old was tumbling in the catch pool beneath the slide who didn't pop back up so Jarom pulled the unconscious boy out, got him in proper position, lifted his legs and then the boy started breathing...a couple girls passed out (yeah right, at the mere sight of him right??) from heat exhaustion probably and then he had a college aged young man breaking rules in the lazy river (not using the required tube) that Jarom had to confront; the young man barked out clever obscenities but Jarom remained calm and cool & and only handed him a little bit of lip when the punk went around actually IN a tube-- Jarom in true Regan F. spirit says to him.."ahh good job man, you can follow a simple rule!"

School has started...he's running Cross Country and busy with homework. Football season is here, Homecoming is coming...and this boy is 16 yrs. old so he asked Madeline to the dance in this clever way...
Mikki chalked an outline of his body as if he'd fallen in death, murdered let's say, on Madeline's front driveway. We roped off the area with crime scene tape and made some posters that said..."Madeline, I would die to go to homecoming with you!" Madeline was at dance while we "murdered Jarom" so to her surprise when she got home from dance she was very alarmed to see the house taped off and didn't know what to think...after a minute of her in wonderment, she finally gets out of the van and checks it out & is pleasantly surprised!! Jarom then came out from behind a bush with some flowers. It was a HIT..and she said YES!

Lastly...Saturday chores saved Jarom's life this past weekend. Back story first...we had noticed the seams in the drywall of the ceiling were splitting, then later it was sagging and noticeably splitting and the cracks extending. So, we were going to repair it and nail it back and reinforce with dry wall screws etc etc. Well, Saturday he had slept in long enough and I went in to roust him out of bed and he said...HEY Mom, that ceiling was crackling and creaking in the night! We decided we better take down the ceiling fan just in case and do something until Dad got home. Jarom first of course gets a quick bowl of cereal and suddenly...BOOM!!! Down came the ceiling right on his bed. WHEW!!! Luckily our mancub was up and outta there, it would have been a RUDE AWAKENING!!


Myk said...

Jarom, you are the MAN! And quite the lady charmer- love the homecoming proposal.

Franklin Times said...

I loved ready about Jarom! Glad he missed the ceiling incident.

Stephanie said...

Jarom, Or should I say chicken little because the sky really is falling. So glad you listened to yo momma and where spared a brick to the nahgan. You are wonderful and better prepared than Mcgiever at the pool. xoxooxo

liz_e29 said...

Now that's what I call a hole. It obvioulsly pays to have breakfast before beginning Saturday chores. Good call, Jarom!
Nana :)