Thursday, December 16, 2010

Maddi is Boss

Maddi got straight A's this semester!! WOOHOO!! So, she failed calculus last semester. Tried to drop it, professor said no, stick it out...downhill from there. Do-Over this semester and she gets a 96%!! (different teacher helps plus major major studying). She had to overcome her hesitation to camp out at the math lab and shake that feeling that she was annoying the tutors who are being paid to tutor. Sociology...she said she could have done better but wow, all that time studying calculus cuts into other classes so she ends up with an 89%. How disappointing. So she emails and talks to the teacher, he does account for attendance etc. and WA-LA...bumped to an A!!!

Here's some fun in ThatchNasty as they lovingly refer to their school town...

2. Tubing w/roommates, hometown of Lindsay
3. Halloween, Maddi is a sailor...Steph well, hot Mama?
4. This is how they play tennis
5. Monster drinks for studying...duh, made her sick
6. Jumping somewhere random in town
7. 3 Pretty Girls downtown Thatcher
8. ...and they brought along a guitar ;)


Myk said...

Madds, you are awesome! Straight A's were never thrown my way in college...something only left in highschool memories.

I feel so bad you failed Calc...I totally would have been your private skype tutor! But way to show derivitives and integrals who's boss the second time around.

hadley said...

Maddie IS boss!! Way to go....even though she doesn't know who I am haha. Cute pics to!! Hi cute Janet! ;)