Monday, September 20, 2010

Let's do a movie review shall we?

Courtney, Mikki, my mom and I went and saw this new cute movie. So, it's a slow one but enjoyable...I don't mind slow movies tho. Had an issue with Anthony Edwards from ER. He will always be Goose or Dr. Greene for me. He is majorly type casted in my the NICE guy. In this movie his character is horrible and I just wasn't buying it. He can't do dumb and mean. He's GOOSE!!! Plus narration in the movie was trying to be Wonder Years or A Christmas Story and didn't quite make it. I know, I know...trivial things but all in all a good movie!

I'd say...this is a rental and you're not sleepy...or a matinee showing. And that's a movie review for ya right bout it??


Franklin Times said...

Looks cute! I think I'll take the girls. Then I'll let you know if it is a thumbs up rating for me too.

liz_e29 said...

Loved the movie...the 50's were great! It was fun to step back in time. Nana :)