Monday, January 4, 2010

Who reads Confessions of a Mormon Bachelor Pad?

I don't know how many of you know about this blog or already read it's fascinatingly horrible. Couple of RM's at BYU who blog about their dating escapades while trying to remain anonymous. It's crazy! I want them to be discovered, and please all my Mormon single ladies...not all boys are like this. I, and many others...have found HONEST AMAZING GUYS!! Don't give up hope but if your dates ever sound all too familiar to these blogs...RUN!!! Having said that, if I'm bored or during my lunch break at work...I find myself reading about these bachelor's ridiculous antics probably because with two daughters in college and listening to their tales...I'm awe struck and almost impressed these clowns are getting away with it.

Okay so, need a cheap, guilty read?? Start from the oldest posts, & go backwards or skip around by all means. These guys are idiots and I just don't see how it could really be happening nor do I see how any of their dates haven't figured it out. Doesn't everyone in the BYU/SLC area read blogs? They actually posted a letter some poor girl wrote after one of the guys had broken up with her...Oh My!

I guess I'm supporting them with this blog but I find it amusing and maybe someone in Utah knows about it and that it's all a big GAG?? Let's just say I'd kill Jarom if he was involved ;)

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