Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Eve w/los amigos la Cervantes!!

Okay, I don't habla. Clearly. Last 3 years on New Year's Eve, we go out our side door to the next-door neighbors house, the Cervantes, and Fiesta with those Mexicans who really know what they're doin!! :D Eat and karaoke all night! Imelda and I have our standards, with our favorite one being "Only the good die young" by Billy Joel...she sings "the mormon girls start much too late" while I sing "I'd rather laugh with the Catholics than cry with the Saints!" Unison..."the sinners are much more fun..." Of course it's all in good fun cuz I am of course, a good little mormon girl and they get us Cherry Pepsi and well, I guess even that's debatable but I'm not perfect :)

These are the twins Janette and Giovanna...Maddi would go play with them almost everyday, Jarom would too actually since Danny was still too little. Oh the fun they'd have!

Oh Mr. Efron. Wow.

Mikki and all the little neighborhood friends she's played with for years...her oldest and dearest friend GrAAAAAAce (said like Ed the principal in Ferris Bueller's Day Off) and of course Danny, plus Joey (the house behind us-usually seen bouncing above the fence line on the trampoline) and Tanner from the Jr. High group.

Joey trying to act like he's passed out from the Sparkling Apple Cider

Pablo Cervantes...he thinks he passes as George Lopez

Okay, Menudo. I just can not partake, I know I know...I'm at a Mexican Fiesta and they serve Menudo at midnight. Too bad. Regan usually has some but this year...Maddi was the practically a Mexican WHITE GIRL this year...she ate a bowl, even the TRIPE!!! SICK!!! Anyway, she made Pete and Imelda very proud. They raised her right. the first two pics are of the cow HOOVES ick that you supposedly suck on?!?!? and the third picture is the tripe and Maddi actually sunk her pearly whites into that. I'm just not this brave!


Myk said...

she only was able to eat it because she washed it down with that miller lite, and then it went down silky smooth.

Stonez said...

HAHAHA OMG Mykle...I hadn't even noticed that can LOL...maybe I should edit it out ;) do some photoshop!! That's funny...don't worry, little girl did not partake!

Montierth Family said...

Way to go Maddi! Say hi to Janette for me.