Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Lights

Seems like something dramatic or extraordinary happened this night but now I've forgot...It was Marcie's last Thanksgiving with us as a UofA student, not the last Thanksgiving mind you but the last one as a student of education at UofA. OH MY we'll miss her this time of year ::sniff sniff::

All of Courtney and Maddi's fun friends who came with us...

Thanks for all the efforts when choosing what to wear Jarom! He would not have left the house in this if he'd left with me. Dad is cool and doesn't care and luckily for low maintenance Jarom and an almost 95% guarantee he wasn't going to see anyone he knew (any girls he knew) the apre-Halo w/dudes outfit goes to the temple lights.

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Myk said...

Jarom should have been part of the temple lights with that hard-to-miss outfit.