Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I feel grumpy

Yoohooo...is anyone out there?
Okay, I have seen a lot of really inspiring blog posts about what they're thankful for...shout out to our sweetest cousin Jennie Spicer...love her and love her blog! Beautiful Jennie.

Mine will have to be random...I should be asleep and I am NOT thankful that I have to get up and go to work tomorrow although I AM thankful that I have a job. I am not thankful that I have to wash my hair in the cold morning air but I AM thankful that it is chilly at all...yes, yes, thank you Arizona for cooling down. Isn't that how life goes? All your gripes if you think about it, have another "side", a better half...the good twin if you will. I am thankful for many things, but when the going gets tough...the tough gets going, so you better couple up those bad times, or those pesky little things in life with the good.

This Thanksgiving will be different for us, a "different" none of us are too thrilled about. Courtney and Maddi are away in China and Marcie is away in another Asian country, the Korea (inside joke). Thanksgiving is normally our hands-down favorite holiday and Asians are ruining it. Instead of dwelling on that...

I am thankful that:
The girls are learning and growing
The girls are seeing awesome sites and ancient stuff
The girls have been safe and protected by angels...no joke there
The girls are together
Skype works some of the time instead of not at all
Email and internet
We'll be with Nana and Papa
Marcie gets to shop hardcore & I know how to blend a raspberry sherbet drink alone
Mikki's long board arrived for sister-less amusement
at least...Two more thanksgivings with LLCOOLJ aka Big Daddy J
last but not least... Regan ended up NOT having to WORK!!!!

To steal a quote...
When I get sad, I stop being sad and
be AWESOME instead :)


Jennie said...

Janet, I read your comment on my blog and was laughing with Jared about your text to him; I realized how LONG it has been since we have seen you guys! And then I read your post, and decided that I can't wait to see you guys again! Good news, Jared has a clerkship in July in Pheonix,so I have hopes to see all of ya in July.

Anyway, I really enjoyed your post. It is so true that for the things we aren't grateful for, there is a flip side. Hope the time until your girls come back from Asia goes fast. Love you guys!

Franklin Times said...

I so get that feeling! But like you said it is all about perspective. An attitude of gratitude can make the difference. May you be able to find some "awesome" this holiday weekend.. and just so you know, I think you are pretty awesome :) Happy Thanksgiving

marcie said...

Janet!! I know the Asian countries are trying to ruin Thanksgiving but I will blindly promise to spend ever Thanksgiving that I am in America in Arizona! PS I really hope you were able to blend the raspberry drink on your own ;) haha I was so happy I got to chat with you on Fakegiving :) Love you!!!