Friday, November 25, 2011

Felt like Fake Thanksgiving

We missed Courtney and Madisen
Tried to still enjoy the day and be THANKFUL
We managed to have some fun and laughs
Girls were mentioned 2,345 times
Made a Video so they didn't 100% miss the action

So grateful for family
that's what it's all about
our life and family is blessed


marcie said...

Haha! I loved it! Know I can pretend like I was there and I can talk about it at future Thanksgivings :) I loved all the long board shots...Jerome should add it to his video resume as a hollister model. Love you guys!!!

Stephanie said...

I'm so happy that you made this Sundance short video spot. Jarom and Mickey are grown up and such gorgeous teenagers with superb moves on the long boards. Regan,I think we were watching that same Clint Eastwood movie "word of life" Love all of you in Arizona and those Asian "places" xoxox Courtney,Maddie and Marciexoxo