Sunday, June 5, 2011

Northern Exposure

Madisen made it safely to Gustavus, Alaska. This Alaskan adventure definitely started on the airplane with seat changes, very long lay overs and overnight in the Juneau airport without a blanket :(

From Juneau, she took a small plane to the small town of Gustavus and sat right by the pilot. She says it was breathtaking scenery and she feels like she's in a movie.

Here are some photos of the lodge accomodations and the surrounding beauty. As you can imagine, this lodge was closed all winter. This means to her dismay, all she's done since she's been there is help get the place cleaned up and ready for guests. Major cleaning, painting and even gardening. She is struggling a little bit because this isn't a normal job where you just "clock in" for a shift and she is the only non-family member...she sometimes feels underfoot and misses her own family awwww!! Her friend Ashley has been promising her this is definitely the worst part and chaotic, once it's ready to go and opened up...more time to explore beautiful Alaska. Maddi is looking forward to this while trying to remain positive and enjoy herself! Last I heard, she was starching and ironing napkins forever which she actually didn't mind since there was no rush or urgency.

Isn't that absolutely BEAUTIFUL??? and not the nasty HOT ARIZONA DESERT!!!

Madisen is the type who needs to go on her runs...she values the time alone and it is such a wonderful outlet as all avid runners know. Well, not there apparently and honestly, I'm a bit nervous about her going running because of this guy or his buddies...

This lodge is set back 1/2 mile off the main road IN THE FOREST. The road through the forest is spooky and they don't want them to go running alone...bear sitings. So, she drives the artic cat through the forest road, parks the cat and runs on the main road. On her first run, she ran by a huskie farm and the dogs all howled at her. She says everyone waves...the townspeople don't recognize her so they slow down to see who she is then wave. Yesterday she saw a big dog that looked like a wolf - SCARY - and also feels a bit uneasy as she runs by this sign:

Now I AM SCARED & really hope she doesn't have to figure out what to do if she encounters a moose. Yikes! Another interesting thing she sees on her runs are old abandoned cars and trucks, covered in moss etc. Guess they can't really haul them out or just don't do it.

Church is in a trailer...with members phoning in from surrounding areas and islands. Today they bore testimonies on the phone, a baby blessing by phone and even their sunday school and relief society-comments and all-by phone. She said it's actually pretty wouldn't be able to say to a member there that they need to magnify their callings and not just "phone it in". woohooo I'm hilarious!

This concludes Maddi's Alaskan adventures thus far. More to come and we're all praying she takes pictures...she does not take after her mother!! She LOVES to get emails...we can't call or text her. She calls once a week on their landline using a calling card. Reminds me of the 80's and Regan says it's good for her not being SO connected with every single person. Whatever! Email her...she will love you!


Courtney said...

Maddi whatever you do -- no matter how cute they may seem .... do not touch a moose! hahaha

Stephanie said...

Maddi, wow you are experiencing the big state in style. What an adventure in every way. Always say your prayers before you run! Love you so moose I mean so much. xoxo

Our Family said...

Janet, we live in Prescott Valley. To answer your question from my blog.

Courtney said...

you should blog more. the end.