Friday, May 20, 2011

Courtney ROCKS!!

Just a lil bit 'o Courtney for ya...she went with Maddi to EAC this last semester and do you know what she went and did??? GOT STRAIGHT A's!!! Woohoo Sis, boy are we proud of you! She also was discovered via Facebook by fellow dancers...when asked if she could sub at a local studio she of course jumped at the chance. As soon as she meets the director and teaches for one evening...she wanted to adopt Courtney and will the studio to her. I, for one, am not surprised! She ended up landing herself a job teaching dance the rest of the semester. Way to go kiddo, they were lucky to have her and will miss her greatly. Now, neither Courtney nor Maddi have got the photography bug so I stole these shots from their roommate Lexie. They all lived in a big, old house and had a blast! These girls were awesome, people don't usually get this lucky and I am so proud of my big girls living together, supporting each other and making memories. (and relieved they were together when they got robbed!!) Another major accomplishment is she got Maddi to like eggs!! She cooks them a special, certain way and egg-hater Maddi loves Courtney-style eggs. HA! We love you Courtney and are proud of your accomplishments in school this semester! YOU ROCK first, best and harder.


marcie said...

Please give me some kudos for editing some papers, half those As are mind ;) haha I love love love these girls!! I miss you all so much! I am super proud of them, I wish I could have lived in the fun robbery house. Also are the special eggs gluten free? Or are they just glutard eggs?Love you all! Those girls better go to china so I can visit them!

PS I was talking about maps today (literally) and I had to stop myself from being a crazy person...because how I was talking to would not have understood...that I personally believe that maps are what is missing from the such as...

Stonez said...

Marcie!!! Oh total kudos to you, it cracks me up the out of state editing that was going, I'll even forgive you for writing in that comment "half those As are mind" hehehe Love you mostest!

Each and every egg on the planet is gluten free. A glutard's staple!

PS I personally believe that if you don't know that some asian countries and the iraq don't have maps for their children then such as you aren't worth talking too ;)

Myk said...

Have you guys seen the Tosh.O web redemption of that girl? look it up, it's pretty funny.

Yay Court!

Courtney said...

Marco if I could do an acceptance speech for my straight A's -- I would totally give you a shout out.
Yay I am an awesome egg maker!
Thanks momma :)