Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Turkey Bowl + Daniel + Marci + Us + Brining = The Best Thanksgiving Ever!

We had such a fun Thanksgiving and so much to be grateful for!! We were so lucky to get Daniel for the weekend, he flew down from Pocatello for some sunny skies and warm weather and instead got RAIN!! We have never had pouring down rain for Thanksgiving EVER!! We loved having him here and just hanging out and talking and playing Mario Kart a TON...we all want Yoshi!!!

Marci came too...wouldn't be T-Day these days without her and I let her get crazy and bake a pie, didn't really realize she was a pie lady but sensed subtle hints last year that we're lame that we don't have homemade pies which I agree, that's lame, but I'm not a pie maker although for one brief moment while watching Keri Russell in the movie "The Waitress" I did want to start baking them...but anyway, I thwarted Regan at the store as he goes to buy a pie and said...NO REGAN NO!!! Marci will quit coming if don't let her bake!! By the way, don't cook with her unless you know what you're doing cuz she'll shut you DOWN!! hehe I follow recipes to the "T" and she is all Stone-ish a little here, a little there, la-de-freaking-DAH and it turns out great! Don't ask her about the Raspberry Sherbet Punch Drama of 2007 :) I must say, our turkey was amazing!! We brined it and it was dripping with juices. Like seriously.

We did Black Friday for awhile with no complaints except Maddi the Non-Marathon shopper whined and made us go home after too much shower-gel sniffing in Sephora. We also went to Organ Stop Pizza and temple lights Saturday night...Daniel ran into his bff for life Tyler who is serving his mission here in Mesa. Daniel's old basketball coach Andy also paid us a visit!

Okay, all in all...super fun and the STONES ROCK at TURKEY BOWL!! Regan and Jim Stone saved the day and played on the team of girls and lil people cuz typically, annually and frustratingly...our kids complain about the football drama of super competitive MEN who won't pass the ball to girls or kids :) Come on guys, we just want to have some Turkey Bowl FUN!


Barker said...

FUN!!! I remember thinking I was going to be baker after I watched the Keri Russel movie too. xoxo

Jacque Hansen said...

Man Marcie really is the shiz when it comes to baking. I'm stoked to get down with the marcie christmas baking in a couple weeks. I'm so glad she has you guys to hang with, you always have so much fun. Glad to hear thanksgiving was great. i love your updates!