Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I got a fever...and the only prescription is MORE MIKKI!!!

So, Mikki let me know that it's not very cool that I haven't blogged specifically about her. I agree, that is unacceptable. This blog is about Mikki and how AWESOME she is...just in case you didn't know. Follows are pics and videos from her recent piano recital, Halloween and soccer game. Mik can run SUPER FAST!!! She has lots of friends and is always happy, cheerful and silly. Silly is her middle name and she does a great "County Fair Accent" know, people that run a county fair have an accent of course. She read all the Twilight and Harry Potter books and is working on the series called Mediator. She recently entered a drawing for tickets to the Cheetah Girls concert...and WON!! I hope you all can fully appreciate now, even if only a little bit...that MIKKI ROCKS!!

Halloween...she is Nastia Lukin...Gold Medalist for bars...note the "chalk" all over her gym clothes

SOCCER is her GAME...Mikki is her name!!

Look for the blonde pony tail...

Here is Mikki on the sign at my elementary school in Tempe...Go Roadrunners!

Last but not least...The County Fair Accent...Enjoy!!


Barker said...

I LOVE IT!!! Mikki, you DO rock. I remember the first time I met you, you showed me how you can walk across the living room on your knees with your feet tied behind your back. sigh, i've loved you ever since. :)

Merry Christmas Stones!

Myk said...

you are a babe Mikki!

Myk said...

Helloooo, is anyone there? I think the Stone's have fallen off the Blogosphere

cfm said...

mikki! You are pretty freaking AWESOME!!!