Friday, November 21, 2008

Krista Stone is THRILLER!!!

This one's for you babe! HAHA So, don't go to the J&K Stone house EVER for an innocent dessert cuz before you know it you'll be suckered into relearning Michael Jackson's THRILLER dance and then teaching it to nutty young women on their 80's activity night. Ya, you heard me. Krista (in her 80's garb of course) & I were so TUBULAR that night and taught those girls how it's done! We actually had a blast and laughed ALOT and do not appreciate that Michael doesn't follow the 1 thru 8 counting rule with music ;) but all in all, we had fun, sweated, and had sore necks the next day (& sore hips cuz we can still shake it). So, to get her back...I'm posting the video. Enjoy. WAIT what am I doing??? I'm incriminating myself (& Maddi--she's in there in the argyle sweater)...I hope this is worth it and you all get a good laugh! Long live the 80's TO THE MAX


Myk said...

HAHAHA, shake it momma! You are awesome Janet...I had to go back a second time and watch it to see all of Maddi's moves.

Cherise said...

so fun! I want to learn!!

Krista and the Family Stones said...

Ecclesiastes 3:4
...a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance!

I am thrilled with our performance!!! We will look back on this and smile, you mark my words. Courtney you better be commenting on how rockin' we are.

PS. Janet I am also counting this as visiting teaching.

Donahoe Family said...

My sister is so FLY! Thanks for sharing this wonderfully fabulous video of her!
I have to say in her defense - she can move better than I can!

shaunee said...

Oh my gosh! That is AWESOME! I'm totally gonna sucker you two into teaching "the dance" to the RS exercise group. Love it!!!