Friday, November 21, 2008

Jarom's Eagle Project

Jarom's Eagle project was a great success! We are so proud of Jarom for keeping at it and responding to Dad's gentle coaxing ;) to get it all done, all the calls and follow ups. His project was to sweep the headstones at National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona in honor of our veterans. Veteran's Day was November 11th so this was the perfect weekend. Jarom's favorite and most rewarding part was the family members who had come to their loved one's headstone to put out flowers (and some to dust it off but we did it for them) and they took the time to let him know how much they appreciate what he was doing and it really meant a lot to them. I, unfortunately, was unable to help the nice lady who wanted her late husband's stone to be more shiney with the gold leaves but everyone else was so appreciative and impressed. One man found Jarom...disguised in his scout uniform ;) tell him he was an Eagle scout too and had come to honor his grandfather and hadn't even thought to bring a broom and was sooo glad to see us there, so he signed in on Jarom's helper list haha but he said thank you and it really meant a lot to him. YAY!!! Good job Jarom!!




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Myk said...

So, I am reading this and picturing the grave stones covered with a little dirt but mostly like cut grass debree and other plant leaves. Then I look at the shock of my life, there is actually dirt not only on the grave stones, but everywhere around them. WHERE IS THE GRASSS?!?!? AZ grave yards are even spookier.