Monday, October 27, 2008

Duchess Maddi

Maddi was nominated for Homecoming Queen this year at Deer Valley High School. Her two best friends Jacqueline and Shawna were also nominated...her date Adam Zook was nominated & won for Senior Attendant and her partner on the committee, Alex, was nominated for King, and Jacqo's boyfriend of 3 yrs won King and Maddi's prom date last year, Jake, nominated for King and her good friend Anna for attendant and so on and so on. Maddi and her friends dominated the royalty! One funny thing that I forgot to get a picture of was the hot pink paint she spilled on her feet decorating the field. It was permanent. She had beautiful, hot pink shadowing on her feet for the dance the next night. GO Maddi!!


Sheri said...

he looks a little like Adam Rosa. Maybe it's in the name. :)

Andrea and Reid said...

CUTE!!! Aww!!! tell Madds I say congratulations!!!! that is so exciting!!! she looks way beautiful!