Monday, May 31, 2010

Father/Son pie making and other shenanigans

Every year for Regan's birthday he wants this strawberry pie his Mama used to make called "Amish Strawberry Pie" and I must say it is delicious!! Now the mancub wants pie for his birthday too...with their May birthdays during strawberry season they can make this demand every year but I'm here to tell you they are a PAIN to make. Maddi calls the pie filling "sap" so ... this is father and son pouring on the sap, all the while...TWO SAPS are in the back being bizarre which is their specialty :)

Happy Birthday Jarom and Regan...thanks for being born!!!


Andrea and Reid said...

I remember that tasty pie!! I was around for one of those one year and it was delicious!! Looks like lots and lots of fun!! Wish I could be there!!!

marcie said...

HAHA I love strawberry tongues every time I see a strawberry I want to do it :) Plus you know how much I love pie making :) I miss you guys keep being the coolest stones in AZ.