Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bored in Thatcher

Well, I shouldn't say we were bored...we're never bored when we're together and that's no lie! It's just...Thatcher isn't all too exciting when you aren't a college kid and on a strict diet :) Therefore, one must grab their camera and go to town taking advantage of a sweet 15 yr old boy in a good mood. A 15 yr old boy in a good mood means he is mentally alert and ready to indulge and humor his sisters with ridiculous photos for over an hour.

The background story here with Maddi's socks is she had super stylish Steve Madden boots on with the socks discreetly hidden underneath...until of course, you have to climb on a wall and do endless poses. Courtney and Mikki were scared out of their minds...the wall was actually kinda high with cement below. This inhibits Courtney who ordinarily would not be outdone by a boy in the posing department but we all agree...Jarom is the winner and the yoga has paid off ;)


Montierth Family said...

Love the photos, you guys are the definition of fun!

Stephanie said...

Karate kid meets charlie's angels. You four musketeers are so dang cute. I wish I was with you screwing off and having too much fun. Aunt Stephxoxo

Michaella said...

Thanks mom for putting the picture of me and Jarom on.