Monday, September 28, 2009

Maddi's Crib

Maddi is off at college having a blast and lovin life! She is at EAC, Eastern Arizona College, in Thatcher, AZ. Most Mormons know about Safford (which borders Thatcher), the home of Pres. Kimball and where one of the new AZ temples is being built...see below.

Here's some apartment's tiny but cute and her roommate is Stephanie Martin, a surprise 3rd cousin in our ward. Her mom and Regan are 3rd cousins, so maybe the girls are 4th cousins actually? Oh whatever. Reports are that the two are having way too much fun and we're all concerned whether or not they're studying ;)

The girls are on the top floor

See the building off in the not far distance?? That's campus...her long grueling walk ;)

Area surrounding Thatcher/Safford...kinda cute

A preview of the Safford Temple:


Franklin Times said...

Looks like lots of fun~ her place is so cute! Live it up Maddi :)

Myk said...

Cute pad Madds. We have friends that just moved to Safford...I've heard it is quite small. Hope you have a blast in your first year!

marcie said...

Umm What the Freak! her apartment is adorable! I am so jealous this is a far cry from my freshman dorms :/ I am so glad that she is having a blasty blast at college. thanks for posting the pics!

hadley said...

How cute is Maddi's room!! It is sooo fun to be at college and be young!! I hope Maddi enjoys every minute!! AND...i love your new blog picture of your cute kiddos!!!