Saturday, April 18, 2009

~ Madisen Rae Stone ~
~ Senior ~ Deer Valley HS ~
~ Swim Captain ~ Butterfly ~ Track ~ Piano ~ Stugo
~ Proud owner of a YW Medallion ~
~Daughter ~ Sister ~ Friend ~
"That's guitarded"
Don't touch her face

Photos by Nick Sorenson


Cherise said...

Maddi is so stinkin' cute. I love the photos that Nick did. He is pretty much amazing. I wish he'd teach me a lesson or two in photoshop. Maybe I need cute subjects like Maddi! I love you Banner pic! That is totally Regan huh? That looks like a professional picture. Did you just have that laying around or what?

Franklin Times said...

You should be one proud mama! I know you are. I love all her pictures, they are great. What an accomplished young woman you have raised. Way to go :}

Myk said...

Hooray for seniors! What a babe! I am also I non-face toucher...I freak out, like it makes me feel closterphobic- ick!

codiasus said...

Maddi is babe-alicious!!